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The Shift Health Team

We bring a science mindset to strategy consulting for the health research and innovation ecosystem and are passionate about helping our clients and communities create the future of healthcare.

We combine scientific expertise with business acumen and real-world experiences.

Scientists by training—we’ve all pursued research-based graduate degrees in health and life sciences—we are focused on asking tough questions, applying analytical rigour and generating insights that matter. Our science mindset is complemented by the diverse experiences each of us brings, acquired through business school, work or extracurricular and volunteer activities that help create well-rounded consultants.

We foster and thrive in a highly collaborative and supportive environment.

Our culture is distinguished by a desire to learn, achieve, have fun together and support each other. We know that consulting is a rewarding career choice that can also be demanding, and we are building a culture of care that embeds flexibility, support, wellness and a sense of community. Ultimately, we are all connected by a common interest in building a company and career where we can all flourish.

We are committed to seeing real change and impact in all that we do.

We are deeply committed to cultivating an inclusive team culture and working with our clients, partners and communities to build a health research and innovation ecosystem rooted in the principles of justice, equity, diversity and reconciliation.


supporting health research and innovation globally


spanning government, academia, industry, NGOs and providers


to support health R&D efforts


successfully implemented

Consulting Team Roles

We aim to develop consulting leadership while inspiring and supporting long career journeys driven by performance, progress and promotion. Our consulting team roles are distinguished by the following responsibilities:


Consultants are responsible for mining and interpreting research from diverse sources, conducting primary research, analyzing and synthesizing data sets to generate insights and communicating results to project teams and clients. Consultants will also contribute to business development activities by working collaboratively on proposals and marketing materials.

Senior Consultant

Senior Consultants are responsible for project management and delivery—guiding the design and execution of research activities, introducing innovative ways of analyzing findings, presenting evidence and insights, and ensuring activities and budgets remain on track. As emerging leaders, Senior Consultants also guide and mentor Consultants and Interns in project activities and skill development.

Engagement Leader

Engagement Leaders provide guidance and direction to Senior Consultants and Consultants in research, analysis and deliverable development. Engagement Leaders contribute to the management team and have an emerging role in the strategic oversight of projects, business development activities, peer-level client and partnership relationships, as well as supporting the growth and development of junior team members.

Leadership Team

The Leadership Team is comprised of the Director, People and Operations; Senior Directors, Consulting; Head of Consulting and Principals; and the President. In addition to driving the development and execution of our firm’s corporate strategy, the Leadership Team provides inspiration, insight and guidance in project delivery, business development and thought leadership, talent development and company operations.

Professional Development

We view personal and professional growth and success as a shared responsibility. We aim to create an environment that helps our team work collaboratively and respectfully with each other to achieve individual goals. We are deeply committed to the continuous development and advancement of our team and place significant emphasis on a goals-oriented, person-centred approach to professional growth. Overall, we aim to unlock the full potential of our team by providing hands-on training, mentorship support and professional development opportunities.


All new team members are provided with an onboarding package on their first day of employment, introducing them to Shift Health’s structures, policies and practices, as well as our consulting projects and business development processes. Our onboarding process is both rapid and robust, making new colleagues feel immediately part of the team and setting the stage for continuous, on-the-job learning. Importantly, new team members engage with many other members of the Shift Health team as part of the onboarding process—through one-on-one training, team discussions and welcome lunches.

Coaching and Mentorship

Recognizing our team is at the core of our value proposition, Shift Health has made professional development everyone’s responsibility. Each member of our team is paired with a performance coach when they join Shift Health. The performance coach is responsible for supporting all aspects of professional growth and development: understanding the team member’s career aspirations and expectations, helping to define and achieve performance goals, and working together on strategies that support development. Each team member also has a dedicated mentor who provides peer-level support, shares their knowledge and experience, and is always available to answer questions and provide advice. Mentors are most active during the first few months of a new team member’s journey but often serve as a resource, advisor and role model throughout one’s career at Shift Health.


Shift Health is committed to ensuring that all team members have the skills they need to succeed in their jobs. In-house training and development consist of a variety of opportunities, including seminars, lunch and learns, and our mentorship process. We bring in outside experts to share their knowledge, perspectives and skills. In addition to formal training seminars, we also host sessions in which team members share best practices and experiences gained through client projects or professional activities. We are also committed to supporting external training for team members to foster professional development goals identified in collaboration with an individual’s performance coach. Each team member has an annual training allowance that can be used to offset costs associated with courses or seminars.

Team Testimonials



“Working at Shift Health has allowed me to work on a diverse set of projects with a wide range of stakeholders working within the health research and innovation ecosystem. Each project comes with its own set of considerations and challenges which pushes you to find new and creative ways to approach the problems you are presented with.” Joined in 2021


Senior Consultant

“I am excited to come to work every day because I know that I will be learning from a supportive and experienced team. I attribute a great deal of my professional growth to my colleagues at Shift Health, who challenge me to be creative, curious and collaborative in everything I do.” Joined in 2018


Engagement Leader

“I appreciate working for an organization that is continuously reflecting on how we can embed inclusion, diversity, equity and accessibility into our culture and workspaces to improve employee experience and wellbeing.” Joined in 2015 


Senior Director, Consulting

“For me, Shift Health is more than just a job, it is a second family. We learn together, grow together and have fun together. It is inspiring to work with people who share the same passion for science and consulting as I do. It is equally inspiring to work for a firm that is as committed and invested in my personal and professional growth as I am.” Joined in 2011 

We are thrilled to announce that BioTalent Canada has named Shift Health a 2022-2023 I.D.E.A.L. Bioscience Employer™

We have received this honour for demonstrating inclusivity, diversity, equity and accessibility leadership and for embodying the diverse and inclusive corporate principles needed to promote growth and success.

Shift Health Welcomes All Qualified Applications

Shift Health considers every application we receive, regardless of current opportunities. We will contact shortlisted candidates as relevant openings become available.

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