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Proposals and Pitches

Investment attraction for strategic initiatives

Success in attracting buy-in and raising capital for research and innovation initiatives depends in part on how well the opportunity is positioned for and communicated to target audiences. Potential funders and investors seek proposals and pitches that convey credibility: the credibility that underpins anticipated commercial, social and health returns; the credibility that provides confidence in the scientific and operational feasibility of the strategy; and the credibility of the proponents and partners whose demonstrable leadership in relevant domains will assure success.

Having helped to raise well over a billion dollars for health research initiatives, Shift Health knows what it takes to produce a proposal that’s compelling, differentiating and indisputably credible. We take advantage of our scientific backgrounds to understand the technical aspects of proposals and convey scientific ideas strategically; we build on our track record working with funders and investors directly to align agendas and craft powerful messaging; and we apply our creativity to produce eloquent, visually impactful materials that effectively communicate complex concepts.

Grant Applications – Business Cases – Investor Material