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Policy Strategy

Creating a policy environment that supports innovation

A favourable policy environment is critical to the success of health innovation—setting the context in which a research-intensive organization will flourish or fail, make the decision to invest, or expect the value of its innovations to be recognized and rewarded. Sound policy strategy must be rooted in objectivity: objectivity that rises above narrow commercial interests; objectivity that avoids spin and considers evidence contrary to desired messaging; and objectivity that helps policymakers make the best decisions on behalf of their public constituencies.

Shift Health supports policy teams in creating evidence-based strategies and communication materials to navigate, inform and influence the complex web of policy and related stakeholders. Through the pursuit and presentation of impartial evidence, we help our clients develop ironclad advocacy positions that serve long-term interests. We are forthright when the data do not support a preferred position; and we bring a discerning eye to create responsible policy strategies that build credibility, enable policy partnership, and serve both societal and corporate interests.

Policy Landscape Assessment – Stakeholder Mapping – Policy Narrative – Stakeholder Engagement