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Product Strategy

Positioning development programs for commercial success

Maximizing the value of a portfolio or an asset requires key elements to be in perfect alignment: alignment among scientific and commercial variables to ensure that development programs are addressing the right populations and markets; alignment with the payer and health system expectations that dictate whether the value of innovations will be recognized; and alignment across the cross-functional teams whose collective expertise is required to execute on development and commercialization plans.

Shift Health helps leaders—from multinational companies and smaller enterprises alike—achieve the alignment for successful product development. We efficiently collect the intelligence to understand a disease area and identify priority patient segments; we engage directly with payers, providers and patients to value-test hypothetical product profiles and expose nuances that differentiate development programs; and we work with internal teams to co-create market access strategies that position companies to mitigate risk and reach the market as quickly as possible.

R&D Strategy – Commercialization Plan – Market Access