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Resolutely focused on serving the health research and innovation ecosystem, we work with leaders from Government, Academia, Industry, Not-for-Profits and Care Providers on complex strategic initiatives that move ideas, knowledge and technologies from concept to impact.

At Shift Health there’s a depth of understanding and a personal touch to their service. Not to mention they’re incredibly smart.


DR. JASON FIELD   CEO, Life Sciences Ontario

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We support our government clients in building policies, partnerships and solutions that advance public priorities: delivering high-quality healthcare, supporting the growth of a vibrant health and life sciences ecosystem, and creating jobs, wealth and a healthier society.


Working with Shift Health has been hugely beneficial for us. Their understanding of research strategy, organizational growth and stakeholder engagement has allowed Shift to place our mission at the heart of their work with us. Their capacity to work with patients, families and caregivers in support of our needs is one not often seen in consulting firms—and something we and our patient partners really valued.


DR. VASANTHI SRINIVASAN   Executive Director, Ontario SPOR SUPPORT Unit (OSSU)

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We help our academic clients articulate bold, competitive research strategies, build productive partnerships with funders and industry, and establish the mechanisms needed to drive research mobilization, translation and commercialization.

For many years, Shift Health has been a most trusted partner, a friend, an advocate, and a champion for us. They have helped us achieve impactful national grants and awards, create inspired strategic plans, and given us the wise counsel and sage advice to be the university the world needs. Ryan and his team are visionary thinkers, creative and innovative planners, responsible and nimble consultants, and motivational and inspiring in the way they have helped move our university forward.


DR. KAREN CHAD   Vice-President Research, University of Saskatchewan

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We help our industry clients evaluate new product opportunities, position R&D programs and products for health and commercial success, diversify resources through multi-sector partnerships and prepare markets for future access to innovations.

Shift Health has provided the precedent-setting, entrepreneurial framework to enable strategy development and align international stakeholders on important global public health matters.


DR. JIM TARTAGLIA   VP R&D, Sanofi Pasteur

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We help the not-for-profit sector—health charities, patient groups, philanthropic organizations—develop accountable strategies and build partnerships to enable their advocacy, public health and patient-focused missions.

We have been consistently impressed with the outstanding ideas, strategy and vision that Shift Health has provided on several important projects over the last decade.


DR. JEROME KIM   Director General, International Vaccine Institute

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Care Providers

We work with academic health centres and other research-oriented healthcare providers—both emerging and established—to deepen the integration of research and care and advance healthcare knowledge, innovation and partnership.

I expected their IQ. What really blew me away was their EQ.


MARK WALTON   Vice President, Strategy, Partnerships & Performance Halton Healthcare

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