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Every day I come to work inspired to tackle our clients’ most complex and exciting issues, knowing that the solutions developed by teams at Shift Health will have a tangible impact on health and innovation.


In addition to fascinating projects, inspiring clients and our awesome team, I appreciate our sustainable approach to work-life balance. We travel to deliver for our global clients and we work really hard—but we do most of our work from Toronto and promote flexibility to pursue priorities beyond work.

Senior Director, Consulting

I love that I get to apply the skills that I developed during my PhD to solving real-world problems at Shift Health. My work requires me to critically assess evidence and apply rigorous analytical skills to test and refine hypotheses.

Engagement Leader

I am excited to come to work every day because I know that I will be learning from a supportive and experienced team. I attribute a great deal of my professional growth to my colleagues at Shift Health, who challenge me to be creative, curious and collaborative in everything I do.

Senior Consultant

One of the things I like most about working at Shift Health are all the social activities that happen throughout the year like our pub nights, recreational sports team and community outreach events like the CIBC Run for the Cure, CAMH’s ‘Amazing Race’ and Second Harvest’s Feeding the Future. It’s a great way to get to know each other beyond our work.

Executive Assistant

I pride myself on working for organizations with big dreams. I’m drawn to companies that challenge themselves to do more and do better. I’m inspired by Shift Health’s culture and vision for a more innovative and equitable healthcare future, and I’m excited to help create this future.

Director, People & Operations

Bringing a science mindset to strategy consulting for the health research and innovation ecosystem, we are passionate about helping our clients and communities create the future of healthcare.

Our Team


Our team embodies a science mindset in what we do and who we are. Scientists by training—possessing research-based graduate degrees (primarily PhDs) in the health and life sciences—we are courageous, curious, intellectually nimble professionals who are committed to asking tough questions, applying analytical rigour and generating insights that matter. We are self-motivated collaborators who are committed to results and driven to excel. And we are creative, cutting-edge thinkers with the aspiration to design, develop and deliver innovative solutions to advance human health and wellbeing. 

Our scientific foundation is complemented by the diverse experiences each of us brings, acquired through business school, work or extracurricular and volunteer activities. We value a well-rounded individual and a diverse and talented team. We thrive in a fast-paced, high-energy work environment that provides multidimensional experiences and opportunities across sectors, across geographies, and across the continuum of health research and innovation. 

Our culture is distinguished by a desire to learn, to achieve, to have fun together and to support each other. We know that consulting is a rewarding career choice that can also be demanding, and we are building a culture that embeds flexibility, support, wellness, community, and a collaborative and engaging approach to professional growth.

We are also deeply committed to cultivating an inclusive work environment and working with our clients, partners and communities to build a health research and innovation ecosystem rooted in the principles of justice, equality and reconciliation.

At Shift Health, we are all connected by a common interest in building a company, career and culture in which we can all flourish.

Professional Development


We are deeply committed to the continuous advancement and growth of our team and, as such, place significant emphasis on a goals-oriented, high-touch and development-focused approach to professional development. We are committed to fostering excellence across our team by providing hands-on training, mentorship support and professional growth opportunities. Overall, our approach to professional development, training and mentorship is underpinned by a strong focus on helping team members advance and grow at Shift Health.



All new team members are provided with an onboarding package on their first day of employment—introducing them to Shift Health’s policies and processes, our consulting projects and business development process. This rapid—yet robust—onboarding process is intended to familiarize new team members with Shift Health, promote on-the-job learning and, ultimately, make them immediately feel part of the team. Importantly, new team members engage with many other members of the Shift Health team as part of the onboarding process—through one-on-one training, team discussions and welcome lunches.


Coaching and Mentorship

Recognizing our team is at the core of our value proposition, Shift Health has made our team’s professional growth and development everyone’s responsibility. Each member of our consulting team is assigned a performance coach upon joining Shift Health. The performance coach is responsible for supporting the team member in all aspects of their professional growth and development, including assisting in defining and achieving career and annual performance goals and identifying tactics to address any identified development opportunities. A mentor is also assigned to each team member to provide peer-level support, knowledge-sharing and dialogue. Mentors are most active during the early months of an individual’s tenure but can serve as a resource, advisor and role model for the duration of one’s time at Shift Health. 

We view personal and professional growth and success as a shared responsibility. We aim to create an environment, supported by systems and processes, that help us work collaboratively with team members to achieve individual goals.



Shift Health is committed to ensuring that all team members have the skills they need to succeed in their jobs. Training at Shift Health includes both in-house training and off-site courses. In-house training and development consist of a variety of opportunities, including seminars, lunch and learns, and our mentorship process. We bring in outside experts to share their knowledge, perspective and skills. In addition to formal training seminars, we also host sessions in which team members share best practices and experiences gained through client projects or professional activities. We are also committed to supporting external training for team members to foster professional growth and development goals identified in collaboration with an individual’s performance coach. Each team member has an annual training allowance that can be used to offset costs associated with courses or seminars.



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People & Operations Lead


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