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Here is a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) about a career at Shift Health and our application process.

Application and Hiring Process

How do I apply for a position at Shift Health?

Click on the link here to see a full list of our open positions. Applications (including a résumé and cover letter) can be submitted to

What should I do if I have a question regarding my application?

Please contact us at with any questions related to your application, eligibility for open positions or our general hiring process. We will aim to get back to you with a response within a day or two.

I have submitted my application—when will I hear back?

For an open position, you should hear back regarding your applications no later than 1 week after the application deadline has passed. We also accept and review general submissions of résumés/cover letters on a regular basis. In this case, you should hear back from us within 2 to 3 weeks informing you whether we will keep your submission on file for future opportunities.

What are the eligibility requirements for a Consultant position?

Candidates for a Consultant position at Shift Health must have completed or are very close to completing a research-based graduate degree in the life sciences (either a PhD or Masters).

What are the eligibility requirements for an Internship position?

Candidates for an Internship position at Shift Health must be enrolled in a research-based, graduate-degree program in the life sciences (Masters or PhD) for the duration of the internship. An ideal candidate for an Intern position is a graduate student who requires a work placement as part of their academic training/program or is a graduate student who is exploring consulting as a career option. In addition to the academic requirements, our Internship Program for Black and Indigenous (First Nations, Inuit or Métis) Graduate Students is ONLY open to Black or Indigenous (First Nations, Inuit or Métis) graduate students.

I have an MBA but no scientific experience. Am I eligible to apply for any positions at Shift Health?

Unfortunately, no. All of our consulting positions, as well as our internship programs, require potential candidates to have either completed or be in the process of completing a research-based, graduate-degree program in the life sciences (e.g. PhD or MSc).

What other skills are critical to applying for a Shift Health position?

Successful candidates often bring a track record of strong academic performance and knowledge of science, healthcare and/or the life sciences sector. We look for individuals who possess a high degree of personal initiative as demonstrated through, leadership and/or skills acquired through relevant work, education or extracurricular activities. Other qualifications and competencies that we look for are exceptional written and verbal communication skills, excellent organizational and time management skills, high degree of poise and professionalism, strong teamwork skills, high level of problem-solving and analytical skills, and a working knowledge of Microsoft Office.

What is the hiring process for a Consultant position?

Our hiring process for a Consultant consists of four stages—a review of all applications, a 2-hour interview, a take-home case study, and reference checks. Shift Health’s Recruitment Team will review all cover letters and résumés and will select a group of candidates to progress to the interview stage. As part of the interview stage, there will be a 30-minute interview with one (or more) of the Recruitment Team members, followed by a 60-minute written assignment and a 30-minute debrief of the written assignment. The interviews are behavioural and the written portion is an exercise designed to assess writing skills, data analysis and logic. Candidates may then be selected to progress to the case study stage. As part of the case study, candidates will be asked to independently solve a business problem (over a 48-hour period) and present their solution to the Recruitment Team. The case study will assess a candidate’s problem-solving skills, logic, presentation skills, visual communication and ability to answer questions. A final decision on successful applicants will then be made and references will be checked.

What does the hiring process look like for an Intern position?

Our hiring process for an Intern consists of two stages—a review of all applications and a 2-hour interview. Initially, our Recruitment Team will review all applications and will select a group of candidates to progress to the interview stage. As part of the interview stage, candidates will engage in a 30-minute interview with one (or more) of our Recruitment Team members, followed by a 60-minute independent written assignment and a 30-minute debrief of the written assignment. The interviews are behavioural and the written assignment and debrief is designed to assess writing skills, data analysis and logic. A final decision on successful applicants will then be made.

What is the compensation for a Shift Health position?

All of our positions, including internships, are full-time (unless noted otherwise), paid positions with a competitive wage.

Does Shift Health offer accommodations as part of the recruitment/hiring process?

Yes. Shift Health is committed to creating an inclusive life sciences industry and that commitment starts with us. Not only is IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility) critical to our business model, but it is also the core of who we are. That being said, we encourage applications from all equity deserving groups and are happy to take the steps necessary for all to thrive.

What if I want to apply for a position other than Consultant or Intern?

Shift Health does occasionally recruit for positions at other levels of our firm. We invite you to visit our Careers Page or follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram to keep up-to-date on any open positions. We also welcome general applications to our address, and would encourage you to note the type of position that you might be interested in or feel you are qualified for.

Working at Shift Health

How many people work at Shift Health?

Our team is comprised of approximately 25 individuals who support the consulting and operations side of our company. At any given time, we may also have between 2 and 5 interns in addition to the group of 25.

How many offices do you have?

While we work on a global level, we only have one physical office located in Toronto (in Yorkville).

What can I expect when joining Shift Health?

All new team members are provided with an onboarding package on their first day of employment—introducing them to Shift Health’s policies and processes, our consulting projects and business development process. This rapid—yet robust—two-day onboarding process is intended to familiarize new team members with Shift Health, promote on-the-job learning and, ultimately, make them immediately feel part of the team. Importantly, new team members engage with many other members of the Shift Health team as part of the onboarding process—through one-on-one training, team discussions and welcome lunches. Every new team member is also assigned a performance coach, who is responsible for supporting the team member in all aspects of their professional growth and development, and a mentor, who will provide peer-level support, knowledge-sharing and dialogue, primarily during the early months of an individual’s tenure. From a project perspective, it is common for a new Consultant or Intern to be assigned to one or two projects to start, with additional ramp-up in project responsibilities occurring in subsequent weeks/months.

Is there a lot of travel for consultants at Shift Health?

Travel is dependent on your role within the company but, on average, between 5% and 10% of a Consultant’s time may be spent travelling to client sites. Travel can occur during the week and typically ranges from a few days to a week at a time.

What is the work-life balance like at Shift Health?

A healthy work-life balance is extremely important to us. We recognize and appreciate that there is life outside of consulting—spending time with family and friends, enjoying hobbies and learning opportunities and improving one’s physical and mental wellbeing. Ensuring balance in one’s life is critical to both personal wellbeing and professional success. As such, we take a thoughtful approach to managing workloads and project commitments to ensure our team remains focused and motivated in their work We also offer Fridays off during the summer months (July/August) and an extra day off on long weekends to allow our team to relax and recharge.

Are consultants at Shift Health expected to work in the office or is there an opportunity for remote working?

Our policy when it comes to place of work aims to set the stage for a work environment that both empowers individuals and celebrates teamwork. For the most part, members of our team have the freedom to determine their own work settings on a day-to-day basis—but there are often occasions when our organization, our clients or our project teams will decide to meet in-person. While many of these gatherings will offer a virtual option, in some cases in-person attendance will be an expectation for all team members.

What type of training and development should I expect at Shift Health?

We view personal and professional growth as a shared responsibility, and aim to create an environment supported by systems and processes that help us work collaboratively with team members to achieve individual goals. Your performance coach will work closely with you to help define and achieve career and annual performance goals and identify tactics to address any identified opportunities. As an organization, we bring in external speakers to discuss topics of relevance, host lunch and learn sessions to discuss interesting projects and share best practices, and provide time every week for professional development activities, be it ramping up on a project or exploring a topic of interest. Further, as part of our commitment to training and professional growth and development, we offer each member of our team an annual stipend that can be used to participate in workshops, courses or other training opportunities.

What will my career path be like at Shift Health?

At Shift Health, we are committed to the personal and professional growth of all members of our team. Your success is our success. While there is a defined consulting career path—from Consultant to Senior Consultant to Engagement Leader and so on—each individual is able to work with their performance coach, project managers and senior leaders to identify relevant goals and pursue opportunities to achieve these goals. This personalized approach allows individuals to develop at their own pace and chart a career path that meets their professional aspirations.

How are consultants staffed to projects? Will I be able to select the projects I am working on?

Staffing of projects is primarily based on resource availability and the expertise required for the project. However, in certain instances, it may be possible to align consultant interest with a project opportunity.

Will I be working with the same people all of the time?

We have a number of consultants at each level of our organization and a large portfolio of projects with varying needs and staffing requirements. It is very likely that you will be working with different teams on each project. Our projects could staff 2 consultants or 6 consultants, depending on the complexity of the projects and specific requirements of the engagement. Our model requires active portfolio management at the individual and broader team levels, something that we accomplish through weekly project clinics and project management discussions.

Does Shift Health offer internship opportunities or there only full-time positions available?

Shift Health does offer consulting internship opportunities. We have a generalized paid internship program as well as a program for Black and Indigenous Graduate Students. Generally, our internship positions begin in January, May or September, and we issue calls for applications on an as-needed basis.

Shift Health Welcomes All Qualified Applications

Shift Health considers all applications received regardless of the availability of opportunities

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