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Corporate Strategy

Planning for organizational growth and leadership

Strategy is about making choices—choices that allow organizations to strengthen their competitive position, create value for their stakeholders and align action with vision. Making the right choices requires clarity—clarity potential investors and partners seek before committing capital and resources; clarity clients and customers need to recognize and reward the value an organization creates; clarity an organization’s leaders need to sustain focus in the face of change; and clarity of mission essential to generating desired health, social and economic returns.

Shift Health helps leaders achieve clarity. We embark on systematic and engaging planning efforts that integrate the scientific, competitive and market evidence to make confident choices. We embrace a philosophy of co-creation with our clients to inspire a sense of ownership and readiness to act. And we prepare organizations to deliver on their strategies through a rational approach to implementation planning, setting clear roles, responsibilities and outcomes to ensure effective, measurable and accountable progress.

Strategic Planning – Business Planning – Implementation Planning