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Program Evaluation

Performance and impact assessment

Objective, independent evaluation is critical to understanding, verifying and communicating an organization’s achievements, exposing new opportunities to create value, and defending the case for continued support and investment. To be credible, evaluations must demonstrate rigour: they must be comprehensive, addressing impact against all relevant dimensions of an organization’s strategy; meticulous, capturing and/or generating the necessary data to address the full scope of the evaluation; and accurate, providing full confidence in indisputable outputs.

Shift Health takes a scientifically rigorous approach to program evaluation. We use analytical frameworks that eliminate noise and discriminate what’s essential to understanding performance; we deploy multimodal approaches to collect meaningful data; we apply scorecards to support unbiased analysis; and we communicate findings with sensitivity to an organization’s context and target audience. While program evaluation is inherently retrospective, we view it as a step forward, exposing new opportunities that will position organizations for future impact.

Tailored Scorecards – Performance Assessment – Future Directions