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Shift Health brings a science mindset to strategy consulting for the health research and innovation ecosystem.

I’m proud to lead a team inspired by a science mindset.

We are all scientists. Before entering the worlds of consulting and business, we spent years in the lab. Curiosity, rigour, discovery, creativity, truth are central to our ethos as an organization, and we bring this spirit to every mandate with which we’re entrusted.

A science mindset pervades everything we do: the courageous questions we ask; the hypothesis-driven methods we employ; the deep analyses we deliver; the innovative insights we uncover.

We are passionate about creating the future of healthcare. We look forward to working with you to discover this future together.




When I founded Shift Health more than twenty years ago, the health innovation ecosystem needed a consultancy with a science mindset.

Today, this need is undiminished—thanks to the steady growth of our sector, transformative advances in technology, and the urgent need to unite disciplines, sectors and ideas around our greatest health challenges.

Shift Health’s philosophy, mission and science mindset position us at the vanguard of healthcare. We are excited to be part of your future.



Founder & Chairman

Experience working with Shift Health

We blend scientific depth, sector leadership and global perspective, tackling our clients’ most challenging questions with curiosity, rigour and courage.

Delivering sharp insights and customized solutions, we’re helping to create the future of healthcare.


We approach questions with discipline and clarity, generating meaningful, evidence-based insights that our clients can trust.


Our clients are unique, and we design innovative approaches and original solutions that reflect our clients’ specific goals, questions and contexts.


We invite our clients to view us as peers, committed to achieving a shared vision of success.


supporting health research and innovation globally


spanning government, academia, industry, NGOs and providers


to support health R&D efforts


successfully implemented

I expected their IQ.
What really blew me away was their EQ.

MARK WALTON   Vice President, Strategy, Partnerships & Performance, Halton Healthcare