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Inspired by the potential of health research to improve human health and create the future of healthcare, our team of passionate professionals brings the courage, the imagination, the rigour and the collaborative spirit to tackle tough questions and generate insights that matter.

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Consulting Team

Dr. Ryan Wiley


Charles Khoury

Engagement Leader

Dr. Anne Mullin

Engagement Leader

Dr. Chris Delvecchio

Engagement Leader

Dr. Adrian Snihur

Engagement Leader

Dr. Don Walkinshaw

Engagement Leader

Dr. Youssef Hayek

Senior Consultant

Dr. Natasha Malik

Senior Consultant

Dr. Marni Williams


Andrew Shaker


Jonsson Liu


Dr. Tanya Scarapicchia


Dr. Helen Luck


Dr. Meghan Wright



Dr. Alain Beaudet

Dr. Imogen Coe

Dr. Edward Hillhouse

Dr. Margaret Johnston

Dr. Michael Julius

Dr. Yazid Ohaly

Dr. Roland Turck

Dr. Gerald Voss

Operations Team

Soo-Jin An

Executive Assistant

Naomi Bredin

Administrative Assistant

Jatin Dalwadi

General Accountant

Vivien Wong

Executive Assistant

Seriously competent.
The best in their category.

DR. ALAIN BEAUDET   Former President, Canadian Institutes of Health Research