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Culture At Shift Health

Our culture is distinguished by a desire to learn, achieve and have fun together. Our team is connected by a common interest in building a company, culture and career in which we can all flourish.
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Place of Work Policy

Shift Health respects the autonomy of each member of our team. Our Place of Work Policy is therefore rooted in the principles of flexibility and individual choice: we trust team members to choose to work in the setting—whether Shift Health’s offices, their own home or another suitable environment—that allows them to do their best work and fulfill the needs of their teams, the expectations of their clients, and their personal preferences and circumstances.

At the same time, Shift Health aspires to create an environment and culture in which all team members see value in spending time with colleagues in-person. There are irrefutable benefits to the in-office experience. We are more creative. We’re exposed to a broader range of professional experiences. We’re more efficient. We enjoy a greater sense of camaraderie. And we can feel recharged by exposure to a diversity of work settings. We encourage team members to come together to realize these benefits.

Maintaining Balance & Well-being

We know that consulting is a rewarding career choice that can also be demanding, and so we have implemented—and are constantly reviewing and optimizing—approaches to resource planning, project management and team support to enable a culture of individual and collective care. COVID-19 has also reinforced how productive, innovative and connected we can be working remotely. As such, our longstanding policies that support flexible, self-directed work from-home will continue to allow team members to set their own pattern of remote and in-office (when safe) to meet the needs of clients, teams, and their families. On a day-to-day basis, we work to maintain a sense of focus, productivity and control by taking a thoughtful and intentional approach to scheduling meetings and protecting afternoons and Fridays for focused work. Further, through policies and norms that support self-managed vacation, provide predictable time off (e.g. at least two weeks of vacation in December/January, Shift Health Days that make 3-day long weekends into 4-day long weekends) and modified responsibilities during major life events and transitions (e.g., illness, care for dependents, returning from parental leave), Shift Health is helping team members maintain balance, enhance personal well-being and build sustainable, enriching careers.

Having Fun

Our team loves to come together for celebrations, social events and sports. We gather regularly to welcome new team members, celebrate personal and company milestones, and simply enjoy each other’s company. During our annual retreat, our team (and partners) celebrate our successes, plan for the future, enjoy great meals and relax together at an off-site location. Our Health and Wellness Committee keeps us active on community sports teams, charity runs and daily stretch breaks.

Connecting to Communities

At Shift Health, we are committed to giving back to the community in which we live and work. Initiatives led by Shift Health’s Community Connection Committee are fostering connection within the Shift Health team, with our clients and with our community. Recent partnerships with CAMH have allowed us to support patient outreach in the area of mental health, and our partnership with Visions of Science is creating opportunities for Shift Health to introduce life sciences consulting and STEM careers to low-income and marginalized high-school students in Toronto.

We are thrilled to announce that BioTalent Canada has named Shift Health a 2022-2023 I.D.E.A.L. Bioscience Employer™

We have received this honour for demonstrating inclusivity, diversity, equity and accessibility leadership and for embodying the diverse and inclusive corporate principles needed to promote growth and success.

Shift Health Welcomes All Qualified Applications

Shift Health considers every application we receive, regardless of current opportunities. We will contact shortlisted candidates as relevant openings become available.

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