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The International AIDS Society (IAS) required support to develop a 5-year strategy for the Global HIV Vaccine Enterprise (the Enterprise)—a long-time convenor and facilitator for the HIV vaccine R&D field.

In becoming the new host of the Enterprise, IAS recognized an opportunity to affirm the Enterprise’s mission in the context of a transformed landscape—and to engage new stakeholders and funders in a diversified, resilient and truly global alliance relentlessly committed to developing an HIV vaccine as quickly as possible. Shift Health designed a rigorous and consultative process to define key strategic priorities for the Enterprise to address in a field experiencing unprecedented late-stage clinical activity yet remaining inadequately prepared for the final—and most complex—leg of the vaccine development journey.

The 2018-2023 Strategic Plan has positioned the Enterprise to challenge, energize and inspire the HIV vaccine R&D field while enabling IAS to ensure that the pursuit of an HIV vaccine takes a place of prominence in IAS’ mission to reduce the global impact of HIV.