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COVID-19 and the Future of Health Research and Innovation: Roundtable Report & Recording

Shift Health Publishes Commentary on COVID-19 and Health Data Ecosystem Challenges

LSO Releases 2020 Policy Forum Report: “Empowering the Life Sciences in Ontario’s Post-Pandemic Future”

White paper: Unprecedented growth in the life sciences sector is spurring significant demand for wet lab space in the Toronto Region

Toronto Global commissioned Shift Health to conduct stakeholder interviews and secondary research to support the development of a white paper that explores the shortfall of wet lab space in the Toronto Region and details recommendations to catalyze investment and meet demand.


Entitled “At the Tipping Point: The Need for Wet Lab Space in the Toronto Region”, this white paper discusses several key points:

  • Unprecedented growth in the life sciences sector is increasing demand for wet lab space in Toronto and around the world.
  • While increased investment in wet lab space is occurring in many other jurisdictions, concerns have been growing that the demand for wet lab space in the Toronto Region is not being met.
  • Despite several planned wet lab infrastructure projects in the Toronto Region, more wet lab space is needed to help attract, retain and scale both domestic and international companies.
  • Programs, incentives and partnerships that de-risk the challenges associated with high development costs and pre-revenue life science tenants may catalyze more private sector wet lab investment and further strengthen the region’s life science sector.


The paper proposes solutions and calls for a coordinated, multi-sector approach to stimulating dialogue, encouraging knowledge exchange and driving action on effective solutions.


Learn more by reading our white paper in Toronto Global here or download the article here.