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Amplifying Applied Research in Canadian Colleges

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Embedding IDEA Within Traditional Leadership Competencies to Realize Durable Change

August 14, 2023

While health research drives innovations in health technology, practice and policy and leads to a wide range of important health, social and economic benefits, it is also resource-intensive and requires financial contributions from a wide range of funders and investors.

To ensure accountability and maximize return on investment, funders and other health research organizations have leveraged impact assessments to evaluate progress and performance of their investments and optimize plans for long-term success.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to impact assessments. Customized and rigorous impact assessments can help organizations:

  • Validate and clarify organizational strategic directions
  • Identify opportunities to improve project/program impact
  • Reinforce funding priorities and build confidence among investors/donors
  • Optimize research governance and management processes
  • Achieve greater satisfaction and engagement of stakeholders
  • Sharpen communication and articulate impact

In this thought piece, Shift Health explores three key strategies to customize assessments that reflect the complexity of health research and innovation and an organization’s unique context.

For more details, download the PDF.