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Recognizing the dynamic nature of the psychiatry therapeutic arena and the need for a more inclusive approach to engagement, a top-5 pharmaceutical company required support in identifying, characterizing and prioritizing the stakeholder environment and understanding how Medical Affairs could work with other functions to optimize patient care.

Shift Health conducted a rigorous landscape assessment of the psychiatry arena across diverse facilities and stakeholder groups (e.g. healthcare providers, health charities and payers) throughout the US. Shift Health collected the information needs of each stakeholder group across dimensions of safety, efficacy, outcomes and economic impact to understand how to best generate and disseminate information and develop a field deployment strategy that reflects the changing mental health stakeholder landscape.

Shift Health’s analysis has shifted how the client’s Medical Affairs team works across functions to disseminate critical information to the most appropriate decision-makers at all levels of the health system in order to support an integrated approach to care.