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Elisa Porfilio, PHD

Engagement Leader

What a science mindset means to me:
Using creative problem solving to set an evidence-based foundation that empowers good decision making and supports innovation and progress.

Prior to joining Shift Health as an Engagement Leader, Elisa worked as a Manager at KPMG’s Healthcare and Life Sciences Practice. Her consulting experience has been in both healthcare and the public sector where she specialized in clinical operational flow, designing fit-for-purpose programs and executing their implementation on a grand scale. Her experience includes developing strategies and clinical services plans for hospitals, government program reviews and cost-benefit analysis, COVID-19 response planning, rapid testing implementation, Lean Management implementation in healthcare settings, operational improvements, and more.

Elisa holds a PhD in Immunology from the University of Toronto. Her research focused on the impact of the gut environment on education of immune cells, how this education differs from that at other sites in the body, and results in distinct roles and capacities of these cells that may be important in human health and disease.

As an Engagement Leader at Shift Health, Elisa is responsible for guiding teams in the development of project outputs on a wide range of client projects, and informing key decisions on resourcing, team development and performance.