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Dr. Ryan Wiley



What a science mindset means to me:
Approaching the world with curiosity, clarity and the conviction to make it better.

Since joining Shift Health as an Intern in 2004, Dr. Ryan Wiley has helped to grow Shift Health into one of the most dynamic and trusted advisory teams in the health and life sciences arena, with footholds in North America, Europe and the Middle East. Working with global leaders in the contexts of business, healthcare, science and policy, Ryan has a unique ability to unlock the benefits of convergence across disciplines, sectors and borders, bringing discerning leadership and unrelenting determination to Shift Health’s most complex engagements.

Ryan has worked with the world’s largest biopharmaceutical and life sciences companies, for which he has supported product development and market access strategies globally; non-governmental and philanthropic organizations, with which he has worked on impactful public‐private and public health partnerships in the developing world; government departments and agencies, which have sought his advice on policy and funding strategies to empower health research and innovation; and academic institutions and hospital-based research institutes, for which he has helped to mobilize more than $1 billion for health R&D.

Ryan received his PhD in immunology from McMaster University, where he is now Adjunct Professor. He is Policy Advisor to and Past Chair of Research Canada, Co-chair of Life Sciences Ontario’s Annual Policy Forum, and a Director on the boards of Amref Health Africa, the Canadian International Health Education Association (CIHEA) and CanHealth International.