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A top-5 global biopharmaceutical company wanted to identify promising oncology drug candidates that it could in-license or acquire to bolster its oncology franchise revenues over the near term.

Shift Health was engaged to identify, evaluate and prioritize oncology drug candidates from late-stage discovery to clinical trial phase III that were being developed by small biopharma companies or academic institutes. Starting from data derived from a commercial database, Shift Health established an initial list of 6,500 opportunities in pre-clinical or clinical development for cancer subtypes of interest and then proceeded to narrow down this list based on scientific, clinical and commercial criteria. Shift Health conducted secondary research to assess the novelty of the mechanism of action, high-level intellectual property status, competitive landscape, potential place in therapy, clinical differentiation, and unmet medical needs to arrive at a shortlist of 20 characterized opportunities that included small molecules, antibodies, nucleic acids and immunotherapies.

Impressed with the final opportunities presented and the in-depth assessment, the client used the information to execute a $700M deal.