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March 10, 2020

Life Sciences Ontario (LSO) has released a report with key insights and recommendations stemming from the LSO 2019 Annual Policy Forum held 4 December, 2019. The forum, supported by Shift Health as lead sponsor for the fifth year in a row, convened leaders from government, academic, industry, and not-for-profit sectors to discuss key topics under the theme ‘Digital Transformations in Life Sciences’ including key lessons from international partners on digitalization in healthcare, the policy landscape in Canada post-2019 federal election, and how we can facilitate advancement and adoption through public policies.

This year’s focus was particularly timely for Shift Health given our ongoing efforts in working with stakeholders across Canada to prepare the landscape for a shift toward a data-enabled personalized healthcare system. Shift Health recently hosted a multi-stakeholder workshop during which we engaged in a solutions-oriented dialogue and kicked off the co-creation of Canada’s Personalized Healthcare Readiness Index.

The LSO 2019 Annual Policy Forum report, which can be accessed here, was developed by LSO following the forum and summarizes key insights and recommendations from leaders in Ontario’s life sciences sector for enabling and leveraging public policy to drive social, health and economic impact through digital transformations in healthcare and the life sciences.