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Shift Health Hosts Webinar on Embedding IDEA

Embedding IDEA in Research-Intensive Organizations

July 17, 2023

Shift Health, Life Sciences Ontario, Pfizer Canada and adMare BioInnovations proudly announce the publication of a landmark report–Status of Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility (IDEA) in Canada’s Life Sciences Sector.

The report is informed by the findings from a national survey of life sciences organizations and focus groups with diverse individuals working in the sector. With a focus on highlighting differences between small/medium and large organizations, the report uncovers where life sciences organizations have made progress in IDEA, how IDEA initiatives have impacted individuals working in the sector, and, importantly, immediate opportunities and recommendations to guide organizations to make progress IDEA across in four key areas:

  • Talent development. Advancing inclusive and equitable approaches to recruitment, training and performance management.
  • Community and culture. Building a stronger sense of belonging for all employees in the sector.
  • Knowledge. Strengthening understanding and appreciation of the need for and benefits of IDEA initiatives among all employees.
  • Leadership. Catalyzing progress in IDEA by building leadership teams that are diverse, competent in IDEA and accountable to IDEA commitments.

The report also identifies powerful opportunities for sector stakeholders to come together to take collective action to advance IDEA.

Read the press release here

Download the report here