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July 8, 2022

In partnership with Shift Health, Toronto Global has released “At the Tipping Point”, a white paper which discusses the need for wet lab space in the Toronto Region

We are pleased to announce the release of a white paper–“At the Tipping Point”– developed by Shift Health in collaboration with Toronto Global.


Toronto Global commissioned Shift Health to conduct stakeholder interviews and secondary research to support the development of a white paper that explores the shortfall of wet lab space in the Toronto Region and details recommendations to better meet demand.
Unprecedented growth in the life sciences sector is spurring significant global demand for all types of lab space. While wet lab development in the US is stepping up to meet demand, wet lab availability in the Toronto Region is approaching near-zero levels, especially in the downtown core.


The white paper draws attention to the consequences of not meeting demand for wet lab space in the Toronto Region, noting that “the lack of wet lab space is beginning to create significant challenges for companies that want to remain in the Region and constraining the growth of the domestic life sciences sector”.


Fostering the region’s life sciences sector requires action to address the risks associated with high development costs and with tenants that are typically pre-revenue life sciences companies.


Leveraging expert insights, we call for a coordinated, multi-sector response and outline several solutions that have the potential to catalyze more private sector wet lab investment in the Toronto Region.


Learn more and read the full white paper here.