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A global biopharmaceutical company recognized the need to work in partnership with healthcare systems in order to realize the vital, long-term potential of a personalized approach to healthcare.

The COVID-19 pandemic has powerfully reinforced the need for health systems to embrace personalized healthcare approaches enabled by secure, high-quality personal health data—from medical records to real-world evidence, whole genome analysis to consumer wearables. However, with policy, system and technology barriers impeding the collection, integration and use of such data, there’s a need to engage in evidence-based dialogue to create a sense of urgency and inform new solutions. Shift Health synthesized medical and scientific evidence from thousands of sources to substantiate the health and economic impact of investments in health data ecosystems, helping to shape strategies to engage stakeholders and drive change across the globe.

Shift Health’s work is helping to reshape the policy landscape with respect to the collection, integration and use of data—setting the stage for the future of personalized healthcare in a post-pandemic world.

The Shift Health team speaks my language. They’re savvy nerds.


DR. SARA UROWITZ   Executive Director, Canadian Cancer Research Alliance