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The Saudi Government aimed to create a national health research agency to strengthen the research and innovation ecosystem, support a learning healthcare system and diversify the Kingdom’s knowledge economy.

With a view to fulfilling the transformative potential of health research for Saudi Arabia’s health system, the health of its population, and the Kingdom’s long-term vision for social, cultural and economic modernization, Shift Health worked with national leaders and research stakeholders to build the plan for Saudi Arabia’s first national health research agency. By aligning agendas, resources and talent, the agency will empower a more productive ecosystem attuned to the Kingdom’s unique population health priorities; enable collaborative, interdisciplinary research that meets global standards of excellence; support viable career paths for health researchers; and accelerate research translation and commercialization.

With Shift Health’s support, the Kingdom has established the Saudi Institute of Health Research, positioning health research as a central tenet of Saudi Arabia’s healthcare, workforce and economic strategy.

Shift Health’s understanding of research strategy, organizational growth and stakeholder engagement has allowed them to place our mission at the heart of their work with us.


DR. VASANTHI SRINIVASAN   Executive Director, Ontario SPOR SUPPORT Unit (OSSU)