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Cancer research stakeholders across Canada recognized the need for a unifying vision that would inspire collective action and prepare Canada for leadership in a rapidly evolving cancer research landscape.

Engaging with diverse communities of stakeholders—researchers, clinicians, administrators, the private sector, patients and the general public—Shift Health sought to understand what makes Canada’s research environment unique, how we can take charge of emerging scientific, technological and healthcare trends, and what values should guide future research efforts across the cancer control continuum. This unprecedented national initiative uncovered the importance of positioning cancer research as a social movement: one that engages all Canadians in the fight against cancer, empowers courageous science and drives the urgent translation of discoveries into better cancer control.

The vision has galvanized the cancer research community and will activate the shared responsibility of all people in Canada to make it a reality.

Shift Health offers critical strategic insights and poetic and impactful writing abilities.


DR. KAREN CHAD   Vice-President Research, University of Saskatchewan