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Natasha Malik, PhD

Engagement Leader

What a science mindset means to me:
Applying the critical thinking, analytical and problem-solving skills that I developed in academia to solving the strategic problems faced by our clients.

Since joining Shift Heath in 2015, Dr. Natasha Malik has supported a wide variety of project, including creating strategies to guide research investment and activities, developing access strategies for multinational companies and international consortia and assessing the performance and impact of public and private sector organizations. Natasha’s clients have included the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Ontario’s Patient Oriented Research Support Unit, Roche, Sanofi Pasteur and the US Military HIV Research Program.

Prior to joining Shift Health, Natasha was part of the Business Development team at a management consulting firm, where she focused on identifying opportunities, devising strategies and writing proposals. She graduated with a PhD in Molecular Genetics from the University of Toronto, conducting research on virus-host interactions in the Epstein-Barr virus in cancer, and has published 6 original research articles.