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Senior Consultant

What a science mindset means to me:
Continuous learning, critical thinking, and pattern recognition; it means challenging assumptions and being open to revising your position when confronted with new evidence.

Since joining Shift Health as an Analyst in 2021, Dr. Gregory Hodgson has supported projects across the health research and innovation ecosystem that include private- and public-sector client engagements with Janssen, the Ontario Ministry of Colleges and Universities, Merck and the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency.

Gregory previously earned an MBA from the Ted Rogers School of Management while employed as a postdoctoral researcher at Ryerson University. His postdoctoral work balanced basic and applied research ranging from physical organic chemistry, microscopy, and nanotechnology to industrial R&D on biofunctional textiles and antimicrobial coatings. Gregory holds a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Ottawa where he developed nanomaterials for photocatalysis and adapted bioimaging techniques to study catalytic mechanisms at the single molecule level. He has authored 18 publications and been recognized with the 2019 CAS Future Leaders Award as well as an NSERC Postgraduate Doctoral Scholarship.