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April 1, 2015

Shift Health is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Ryan Wiley to the position of President of Shift Health. Borys Chabursky, Founder, will transition to the role of Chair of Shift Health.

“Since joining our firm over a decade ago, Ryan has led some of our most transformative client initiatives and has put us on the map in markets worldwide. He has done an incredible job of cultivating a team of curious, self-motivated, intellectually nimble professionals who are passionate about our philosophy, live our values and are dedicated to advancing health. Under Ryan’s leadership, Shift Health will deliver convergent solutions that enrich our clients with insight, innovation and impact. His unrelenting commitment to excellence drives the vision we share with our clients and partners: a positive and lasting impact on human health and wellbeing,” said Mr. Chabursky, who has served as the firm’s President since he founded the company in 1999.

“It is with great excitement that I accept the role of President of Shift Health. We have the people, clients and partners needed to amplify healthcare and research leadership, advance global health innovation and achieve eminence in healthcare markets worldwide. Through collaboration with government, academia, industry, the not-for-profit sector and care providers, we will shift the way we think about healthcare,” said Dr. Wiley.

With the announcement, Mr. Chabursky becomes the Founder and Chair of Shift Health, providing corporate oversight and input on strategic planning.