Who are we?

Shift Health is a strategy consultancy devoted exclusively to the HealthSphere, delivering convergent solutions anchored in accountability to results, a commitment to excellence and an aspiration to improve human health and wellbeing. Our people have the unique ability to speak the language of science and apply it to the business of healthcare, thinking laterally and acting vertically to enrich our clients with insight, innovation and impact.

What we believe.

Great results come from great partnerships. At Shift Health, we believe that a valuable healthcare advisor takes a long-term view of the client relationship, building an enduring foundation of trust rooted in credible experience, knowledge leadership and a shared aspiration to improve human health and wellbeing. We believe that success in healthcare and the life sciences is predicated on the convergence of interests, expertise and perspectives, and we therefore work across the HealthSphere—from hospital-based research enterprises to multinational biopharmaceutical companies, from venture capital to venture philanthropy and from established to emerging healthcare markets—to generate original insights and integrative solutions that shift thinking and inspire action. And we believe in accountability to results, providing experience, capabilities and implementation partners that can help drive the process forward and ensure that our clients achieve tangible, meaningful and measurable outcomes.