Healthcare & Research Leadership

Shift Health is able to deliver incisive analysis, targeted insight and practical solutions in healthcare and research settings because our team is populated exclusively by scientists and healthcare professionals. We work with healthcare and academic leaders around the world in strengthening health policy and implementing new approaches to delivering, regulating and supporting innovations in care; in driving the health research agenda—from discovery to clinical to health services and population health—and building partnerships that enable translation and patient impact; and in creating systems of health innovation that balance social and economic value and are anchored in a practical understanding of science, commercialization and healthcare delivery.

Global Health Innovation

Shift Health is deeply committed to delivering solutions that ultimately improve health and wellbeing—and we are particularly inspired by our work with clients in addressing the healthcare needs of underserved or vulnerable populations across the globe. Shift Health occupies a unique niche within a diverse international network of government development agencies, private foundations and charitable organizations, researchers focused on infectious, emerging and neglected diseases, and industry players dedicated to overcoming commercial hurdles and bringing their resources and technologies to bear. We build and support effective multi-sector alliances that drive clinical and research excellence; we foster effective product development strategies that mitigate risk, optimize resources and advance technologies aimed at improving public health; and we help to ensure that all partners are prepared to implement solutions through transparent financial mechanisms, clear access and deployment strategies, and appropriate regulatory oversight.

Health Market Eminence

Shift Health brings convergent scientific, clinical and business intelligence to address commercial imperatives across the health technology and services value chain. We work with portfolio and program leaders to position pipelines and products for enduring market leadership; we support R&D and business development teams in identifying, triaging and appraising in- and out-licensing opportunities; we help multifunctional development teams expose and manage the scientific, clinical, regulatory, commercial, industrial and access risks faced by major clinical programs in order to pave a clear path to market; we facilitate high-impact public-private partnerships that diversify resources, leverage expertise and deliver social and economic value; and we have shown innovation and leadership in amplifying the role of medical affairs at the intersection of R&D, sales and marketing.