Academic institutions need to articulate bold, competitive research strategies, build productive alliances with funders and industry, and establish the mechanisms needed to drive research mobilization, translation and commercialization.

Governments are striving to adapt healthcare systems to demographic, technological and economic shifts and foster a business environment that supports life sciences innovation, strengthens healthcare markets and attracts foreign direct investment.

Industry must defend market leadership by anticipating scientific, clinical and market dynamics, proactively assess new product opportunities, diversify resources through multi-sector partnerships and effectively manage product development risks.

Not-for-profit organizations need to exploit their growing leverage and leadership in a resource-constrained healthcare and life sciences environment to advance partnerships and programs that serve their core advocacy and patient-focused missions.

Care providers are looking for ways to deepen the integration of research and care, appraise and harness the potential of innovation to improve healthcare quality, and build accountable partnerships to optimize the patient experience and outcomes.